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Paint recipe book

Like to keep track of your paint recipies? This is the book for you. Track all your paint mixes, use cases, projects used on, etc.

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Paint Swatch Index

Keep an inventory and color sample of all the paints you own in this index. Make shopping for new colors, or comparing different colors easy just by flipping through the pages.

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die cut sticker....nuff said!

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Here are the main brands of brushes I use, as well as some generics for things like mixing, washes, pigments, etc.

Windsor Newton

These are the Kolinsky Sable series 7. My first real "pro" brushes

Size 0

Size 1 size 2 

Army painter

Their drybrush set is pretty good, and affordable


Raphael 8404

my other love in paintbrushes. They have a great belly, and hold paint well. 

Size 0 Size 1 sadly not avail. size 2 

generic brushes

cheap Generic brushes i use to do stuff like paing mixing, oil washes, pigment application, etc. basically anything that would ruin the good brushes.

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